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2022 Dadaocheng Theater The 9th Youth Xiqu Art Festival Program

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2/12-4/10 The 9th Youth Xiqu Art Festival 

“Dadaocheng Theater Youth Xiqu Art Festival” (hereinafter referred to as Dadaocheng Youth Festival Arts, DYXAF) held by Dadaocheng Theater, located in Taipei’s Traditional Theater District.
DYXAF provides a platform for Taiwanese young performers, playwrights and directors, who are developing their artistic talents in traditional performing arts, to explore, create and exchange ideas with each other. The festival also offers opportunities for them to showcase its talents to the world.
DYXAF aims to share creative and high-quality productions with the world. Since March 2014, there have been more than 20 new productions including Taiwanese operas, Peking operas, Kunqu operas, Hakka operas, and glove puppetry presented at the festival. The responses and discussions about the productions from the audience have been enthusiastic.It is right here where traditions co-exist with modernity harmonically. There has been no boundary between traditional and modern drama and it is very likely for them to be forged into a new type of drama in Dadaocheng.
With the world affected by COVID-19, the 9th Youth Xiqu Art Festival chooses “Youth Steals the Shows at Dadaocheng” as its theme. Young artists have been gathered to perform together, using artistic creation to embody the young generation’s observations and reflections of society. With the hope of leaving unrest and fear behind, they find comfort and power in art. Dadaocheng, a place of talent, will continue to act as a base for the cultivation of young people’s dreams. Through xiqu art, young people will continue the legacy of Dadaocheng’s cultural spirit to fuse the tradition with the modern. From February 12 (Saturday) to April 10 (Sunday), come watch xiqu at Dadaocheng!