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9/6-9/8 "The Man, the Boy,and the Monkey King" by Story Works

9/6-9/8 The Man, the Boy,and the Monkey King by Story Works

This time, can Wu-Kung change back to himself?

This story was inspired by the life story of Chu Lu-hao, a Beijing opera master and directed by
Wang Jing-dun.

After quitting Beijing opera, Lu Tian-hao works at a PR company.
Famed  for playing the role of Sun Wu-Kung in the past, he was now scolded by his current boss for failing to propose a marketing plan on a mobile game “seventy-two transformations”.

As the story gradually unfolds, the audience traces back to Tian-hao’s memory. One night, he quarreled with his father and left home without eating the noodles his father cooked for him.
His father died the next day.
Since then, he could no longer muster himself to perform on the stage. Guilt weighs heavily on him like the uncrossable Five Fingers Mountain.

#Cross the Five Fingers Mountain in your heart

9/06  (Fri) 19:30
9/07  (Sat) 14:30 19:30
9/08  (Sun) 14:30

*Ticket Prices:   500, 700, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500
*Performer: Story Works
*Ticketing: Arts Ticket, 02-33939888 https://www.artsticket.com.tw/ (Chinese)