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The Taipei City Arts Promotion Office ( formerly known as The Taipei Cultural Center ) began its foundation preparation and planning stages in April 1961 and commenced operation in January of 1964. Committed to serve our citizenry, the Taipei City Arts Promotion Office has organized many social education activities with the scope of its service having constantly expanded over recent years. When the Taipei City Government established the Department of Cultural Affairs on November 6 of 1999, the Office moved from under the charge of the Department of Education to the Department of Cultural Affairs, and began to focus more on the promotion of artistic and cultural activities. For the future, Taipei City Arts Promotion Office is determined to continue to provide the best service possible for our citizens.

  • In April 1961, the Taiwan Provincial Government set up a preparatory committee under the Department of Education of the Taipei City Government to take charge of the establishment of the Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall. This committee will serve under the direction of the Hsinchu Provincial Social Education Hall.


  • In January of 1964, Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall was officially established and began operations from a borrowed location at the Chung-Shan Building (now the Chung-Shan Market) in Taipei.


  • In January of 1966, Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall borrowed the Ming-Lun Hall from the Confucius Temple as its temporary location and began the planning of a leisure activity space for citizens.


  • In 1967, with the organizational restructuring of the Taipei City Government, the Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall became independent of the guidance of Hsinchu Provincial Social Education Hall, and underwent a significant expansion in budget, equipment, and staff.


  • In 1976, the Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall decided to construct its own place of business at the planned site of Municipal Park No. 5. The construction work commenced in March 1979 and was completed in June 1983. The new building was officially opened to the public on October 22 of the same year.


  • In February 1987, Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall set up an affiliate center, the Yen-Ping Activity Center, on the ninth floor of the Yen-Ping Administration Building, to take charge of the promotion of folk art activities.


  • On November 6, 1999 Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall underwent organizational restructuring and was shifted to the jurisdiction of the Department of Cultrral Affairs. Its official English name was designated by the City Government as the Taipei Cultural Center.


  • On Noverember 6, 2015 Taipei Cultural Center changed its name as the Taipei City Arts Promotion Office.