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Taipei City Arts Promotion Office

Future Outlooks

Future Outlooks

Taipei City Arts Promotion Office is a general promotional institution for arts and cultures, with responsibilities covering a broad scope of services and activities. In response to a rapidly changing society, the Office is determined to achieve constant innovations to meet the evolving needs of citizens. In addition to the existing the DaDaCheng Theater, the Wen-Shen Theater is set to open in late 2003.  For the future, the Office will strive to continue its efforts to promote arts and cultural activities and thereby enhance the overall cultural literacy of Taipei citizens.

Taipei City Arts Promotion Office (including The Metropolitan Hall, DaDaoCheng Theater, and Wen-Shen Theater) has decided on three major directions for future development: transforming into a professional performing theater, promoting art education, and integrating culture with industry. The main office on Ba-de Road will focus on the first two functions of a professional performing theater and art education promotion. The DaDaoCheng Theater on the other hand, will develop itself into a place for carrying on the important legacies of arts and cultures, strive to integrate community development with local industrial cultures such as the cloth industry culture, and recruit folk artists. The still under construction the Wen-Shen Theater will concentrate on the development of a children’s theater and related promotional affairs.

Under the newly revised organizational regulations of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government , Taipei City Arts Promotion Office will be renamed as the Department for Arts and Cultures Development(DACD) and relevant organizational rules of the Office will undergo necessary revisions by then. The planned DACD will position itself as a center for art and cultural development for both professional and amateur artists as well as a platform for community-based cultural exchanges, in order to facilitate art exchanges at the Taipei Arts Village, and to serve as a hub for art and artists development as well as a base of the culture industry in Taipei. Looking into the future, the Office shall continue to strive to do the best possible job in promoting and deepening arts and cultures of the city under the direction and guidance of the Department of Cultural Affairs.